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There are many different types of art in the world. There is a type of art out there for everyone. Everyone likes at least one type of art. If you’re very into art you might want to see some in real life and go on a trip to maybe a museum, or maybe you want to try and create something yourself! If you don’t know what type of art you like, maybe you have to find out. I’ll list a couple different kinds for you to do some research on, maybe you’ll find some other ones in the process.


The people who created this art form – Asger Jorn, Karel Appel, Christian Dotremont, Joseph Noiret, Corneille and Constant – were from the cities Copenhagen, Brussels and Amsterdam. If you take the first few letters of these cities they spell out Cobra, that’s how it was named.

This form of art was originally created with the thought of going against the regular academic art forms. It was also created as some kind of protest towards a form of art that focuses especially on the intellectual part of it. Meaning that the art form cobra isn’t about technicalities, it’s more thought of as a kids art form or at least that’s what people think of when they look at some of the art pieces. That is because it doesn’t need much thought to make the work, most of the time there is no long process working towards it.


Abstract art is a modern form of art. It is a form that doesn’t always show realistic things and sometimes it just exists out of lines and colours and there aren’t really any objects or people in the art piece. Abstract art started in the 1900’s and mostly started out in paintings and sculptural art pieces. The use of colour, lines and sometimes shapes kind of fill in for a figurative object like a person or something that is often found in the real world. The history of this art form goes back millions of years, there is no official creator of this form. It started when people started to envision things like a hammer or something else that they felt they needed but didn’t exist yet. There is an Amsterdam museum which shows modern art exhibitions, the Moco Museum. It shows a couple different ways that the abstract form is used but also other modern art forms.

Everything is art

And if you don’t feel like paintings, sculptures, drawings or anything like that is something you like, maybe you’re more of the interactive things. Things such as music, theater, movies and series are also different art forms. If you don’t like the paintings and all that, maybe a few of those speak to you.

By Harmony