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Oct 31, 2022 Cassie, Collaborative, Dot, SchoolWide, Stephens

Good day, pals! I am enthusiastic to share that the school-huge collaborative my 1st by means of fourth quality college students made at THE Beginning of the faculty year (yikes!) is ultimately set up. Like, lastly.

Y’all, though I do really like acquiring all students building a collab at the start off of the college 12 months, why do I do it to myself? It truly is so a great deal do the job on my end! All the attaching to bulletin board paper and hanging…it is so a lot! AND I often procrastinate! And however I do it 12 months after calendar year. This sort of a glutton for punishment, I guess.

Here is a appear inside of the approach of hanging this beast with some of my tips:

When hanging a little something this significant, it takes anything in your tool belt (as properly as a helpful tunes teacherin’ mate). Check out my tip on binder clips and extensive tabs of paper. It aids!

I’ve not accomplished an formal publish on how we designed these dot paintings but I’ll tell you: it was tremendous easy! In actuality, it really is just one of my fave kindergarten lessons which you can find the details on below. 

All learners began with a dot in the center of their paper. The paper was prefolded so that each and every dot was accurately in the middle. Meaning I quarter folded the paper, the moment in half one way and then in fifty percent the other. Dot was placed at the intersection of those two folded lines. 

Like the kidnergarten lesson, each student was then instructed to paint concentric circles around their dot utilizing any colours of tempera paint they preferred!

The moment dry, the paintings had been minimize together those people folded strains. They had been then rearranged and glued to a black piece of design paper. This portion was difficult so students aided a person one more. 

Early finishers painted the wording of the sign!

And then the beast was hung…where it shall stay for a Lengthy, Lengthy time. Or the close of the faculty yr where I am going to have the college students minimize it aside to just take home their circles (possibly. Or I may well depart it up right until following 12 months!). 

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