BSA Film Friday: 10.28.22

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Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening:
1. Shepard Fairey – The Intersection of Art and Music
2. La Fuite – Pantonio. Via Street Art Fest Grenoble – Alpes 2022
3. Iran’s anti-Hijab protests enter 5th Week

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It’s an advertisement for something but Shepard’s recollections of making the connection between art and music, specifically between punk era and it’s effect on his creatively formative years, goes a long way to illustrate his recurring themes and aesthetic. Interesting that the title is part of a Sound and Vision series, the same theme that is currently running through Faile’s work at their new club downtown, Deluxx Fluxx; “an immersive visual and audial art space and arcade”.

Shepard Fairey – The Intersection of Art and Music – Via Syng

La Fuite – Pantonio. Via Street Art Fest Grenoble – Alpes 2022

A gentle flickering flyby of “The Flight” by Pantonio for the Street Art Fest Grenoble in the Alps.

“Escape or think about the moment a single gesture changed direction,” says Pantonio.”When resistance collaborates in the opposite direction. Each one with his poetry or his determination”

Directed by Olivier Ruggiu Video Assistant: Yannis Lefrançois Drone by Olivier Ruggiu, Images by Oliver Ruggiu.

Iran’s anti-Hijab protests enter 5th Week

In the category of art in the streets, free speech, and protest; We focus on the fifth week of widespread anti-Hijab protests that continue to rock Iran amid the rising calls for the country’s leadership to step down. Iran’s Supreme leader Ali Khamenei has now issued a warning to the protesters- as he speaks to largely audiences of men, while the protesters are, in the majority, women.

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