Whether you want to be the next big YouTube star or you’re just required to show your face in Zoom meetings, it’s time to upgrade your video hardware. In this guide, we locate some of the better items that are on sale for Prime Day. Some of these are finds just because all video gear is in short supply due to the pandemic. Some of these are genuinely good deals no matter what the current events.

The bottom line is this: if you’re doing video, you need more than just your smartphone. You’ll need sound, lighting, a place to put your camera, possibly a new camera, a tripod, and various mounts, backdrops, and accessories. 

Go for it! And when you produce some exciting YouTube videos, let us know in the comments below.

Best video studio gear deals on Amazon for Prime Day

While we wait for Amazon to announce Prime Day 2021 deals, here is a look at some of the best video studio gear deals from Prime Day 2020. Please keep in mind these sales are no longer valid; we’re just showing you what might be on offer again this year.

$24 off



This has to be one of the best webcam deals we’ve seen in a long time. It’s still not from a name-brand company, so we don’t have too much personal history with it, but it has a 4 1/2 star rating with more than 800 reviews, so it’s probably pretty good.

$49 at Amazon

$27 off


Here’s a great microphone kit for podcasting, Zoom meetings, and general recording. It connects over USB, so you don’t need any special interface hardware. Plus, what we like about this kit is it includes a mic boom arm, a poof filter, a vibration stabilizer, and the necessary mounting hardware.

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Save $27



When I got started with green screen, I bought a kit much like this. What I like about it is that it includes everything you’ll need to get started, including the lights, stands, reflectors, and even CFL bulbs.

$137 at Amazon

Save $11



This isn’t just a green screen for chroma key, this is a kit that includes a green screen, a blue screen, and two other backdrops. They also collapse down into a nice portable bag. And, if you’re not replacing your background, you can use these to reflect light and bounce brightness where you need it.

$45 at Amazon

$32 off


Lincom Tech

This ain’t your daddy’s camcorder. This is a modern camcorder form factor, with a directional mic, USB C and SD card support, as well as a mounting bracket and flip-out display. If you want to record YouTube videos or higher-quality Zoom calls, consider this camera.

$127 at Amazon

$39 off



If you want a nice, inexpensive webcam deal for Prime Day, consider this 1080p camera. Not only is the webcam included, but you get a mini tripod as well.

$24 at Amazon

$9 off



If you have a game console or camera that has an HDMI output, but not USB, this dongle will capture that video for use as either a webcam source or import for video editing. If you do video, this inexpensive device is a must for yoru kit bag.

$20 at Amazon

$50 off



It’s rare that you’re going to find a deal on a premium label product like Microsoft’s Surface Headphones. If you’re going to be in meetings or stuck at home and want to listen to tunes, these cans will give you some of the best sound quality available anywhere.

$249 at Amazon

$9 off



You can plug these into your computer or even an amp. While they’re certainly not top-of-the-line phones, we had to include them in this list because they’re just so pretty. The brushed-steel-with-leather look is reminscent of midcentury modern, but they’re all modern inside.

$30 at Amazon

More Prime Day deals

Here are a few other noteworthy home studio deals we spotted on Amazon last year:

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