Two splendidly eccentric odysseys popping with 1970s aesthetics together with an enlightened perception of sexual intercourse positivity are section of the slate for the Utah Film’s Center’s 18th once-a-year Damn These Heels Queer Film Competition are generously entertaining — Shit & Champagne, directed by D’Arcy Drollinger, and Saint-Narcisse, directed by Bruce LaBruce.

The films are accessible for streaming on need, with procured tickets, by July 18.

Shit & Champagne

Irreverent comedy does not come about simply. It requires a sharp nuanced eye scoping out the social and cultural landscapes to know what boundaries can be breached for the full impact of a comedic punch. Mel Brooks smashed by the wall brilliantly with The Producers, where a producer down on his luck teams up with an accountant to pool funds with each other to phase “Springtime for Hitler: A Gay Romp with Adolf and Eva at Berchtesgaden.” Bialystock the producer states triumphantly just after a night of trying to discover the flop so that they could retain approximately all of the proceeds from their million-greenback plan, “We’ve observed a disaster,and outrage! A assured-to-near-in-a single-night splendor. This is freedom from want forever.” Well, it is uncomplicated to guess what takes place.

Shit & Champagne, directed by D’Arcy Drollinger.

Brooks is one of a lot of function models for D’Arcy Drollinger, a master of drag exhibits that have come to be immensely popular parodies of pop-society history symbolizing the very last various decades. He is the operator of Oasis in San Francisco, the biggest drag club in the U,S.

Generating an remarkable debut as a filmmaker, Drollinger has tailored his enduring phase manufacturing Shit & Champagne to the display. It is the formulation that veteran filmmakers know properly: Come across a most effective-vendor with an now perfectly-set up foundation and tweak it appropriately to make it realize success on the significant display screen. The club present has been so well-known that admirers proclaim by themselves as “Shit Heads” who return to the exhibit commonly to direct audiences in chanting the show’s signature traces in the vein of The Rocky Horror Photo Exhibit.

The movie provides numerous of the show’s characters (and phase performers), storyline and jokes mainly intact to the cinematic model, with Drollinger actively playing the legendary stripper Champagne White. The story is basic: Champagne anticipates that her boyfriend will suggest relationship. Meanwhile, he informs her of a mystery plot involving drugs (in this circumstance, “booty bumps”) and a prostitution ring operated by the biggest low cost retailer (“Mall-Wart”). Following her boyfriend is murdered and she discovers that her closest close friend is addicted to booty bumps and is on the way to being promoted in Shopping mall-Wart’s prostitution ring, Champagne decides to go undercover and seek revenge. Of program, together the way, there are exhibit-stopping dance and music breaks. 

D’Arcy Drollinger.

Champagne’s tale riffs well off Foxy Brown, the 1974 blaxploitation movie and cult typical directed by Jack Hill and starring Pam Grier. To avenge her boyfriend’s murder, Foxy Brown poses as a prostitute to infiltrate a modeling agency that is a entrance for corruption and political graft involving heroin drug trafficking. Brown ultimately rescues a Black woman and reunites her with her household.

In an interview with The Utah Assessment, Drollinger suggests that he wanted to stay away from adding heroin as a comedic plot position in creating the Shit & Champagne phase clearly show. That’s why, the inspiration for booty bumps arrived from a Michael Musto column posted in 2003 in The Village Voice. Musto, who usually had his eyes focused on New York’s club scene, wrote, “booty bumping has the jaded established finding medicine blown up their butts by way of a straw, though disco dumping has wasted, often booty-bumped queens producing a poopy in their pants, usually striving to flush their dirty underwear later on (which describes why club bogs are so normally stopped up).” Drollinger remembers, “I try to remember sitting on the seashore on Fire Island with my boyfriend and the title of ‘Shit & Champagne’ just rolled off the tongue so properly.”

His debut movie demonstrates why the B-film aesthetic functions and is rightly preferred. In addition to Brooks, other influences for Drollinger contain John Waters, Russ Myers and Quentin Tarantino. “I enjoy Seventies Television set which include Charlie’s Angels, Surprise Girl and The Bionic Girl,” he states, introducing that Mexican telenovelas also are a favourite (understandably, presented that so a lot of of the series in the 1990s and 2000s had been in a natural way humorous even with melodramatic gestures these as a slap throughout the encounter or a shove down the stairs). Without a doubt, the line involving melodrama and comedy is slim more than enough to make effective parodies. He also enjoys classics these types of as The Bare Gun collection and Airplane!

Champagne White (DArcy Drollinger).

Drollinger labels his racy, mischievous exhibits as Vaudeville 2., a sincere homage to Brooks’ legacy of irreverent comedy. When he despatched out the script for doable options, it was not originally nicely been given. “Some people didn’t fully grasp my model,” he states. “They reported this is like a teenage boy wrote this with a good deal of poop jokes, without having realizing the superior concept behind the movie.” As some variety of inventive vindication, he received a pair of Rainin Grants by way of SF Film to comprehensive the job. 

The film is an best escapist cinematic practical experience, ideal for these who are wanting for a deftly executed slapstick tale that will leave viewers cheering for Champagne. Incidentally, Drollinger is organizing a movie sequel incorporating yet another stage exhibit: Champagne White: The Temple of Poon


It would be really hard to visualize a queer film competition without having getting anything from veteran Canadian filmmaker Bruce LaBruce, a learn of the B-movie style and underground cinema. LaBruce has a exclusive expertise in capturing the zeitgeist with great generation values and an unquestionably eccentric sense of irreverence. Saint-Narcisse extends that evaluation in common LaBruce sort. There are some smug film purists who are disenchanted with LaBruce’s do the job. In truth, one particular of the user critiques on the Online Film Databases for Saint-Narcisse signifies that this is the form of film that famous director Ingmar Bergman would have created if he was drunk. Frankly, that is an unfair criticism. Underground cinema has just as meritorious statements to higher principle legitimacy as the mainstream fare.

Saint-Narcisse, established in the 1970s in Canada, intersects many film genres: drama, dark comedy, thriller, Gothic horror. There is a lurid, seductive, taboo-busting vibe in this element, which synthesizes features of the Narcissus fantasy alongside with social commentary about the moral failings and depraved temptations bordering faith, grooming and exploitation. There are, of study course, complete nude scenes. LaBruce efficiently demonstrates how a artistic producer can confidently liberate on their own and viewers from feeling ashamed about having fun with stories and scenes without worrying too a lot about the common constraints of political correctness. 

Saint-Narcisse, directed by Bruce LaBruce.

In plainest phrases, the tale focuses on a younger male who considered that his mother had died but then discovers that, in point, she is even now alive, living with a younger lady in a distant area. The youthful man, who was elevated by his grandmother, experienced been knowledgeable that his mother experienced died in childbirth. When he searches for his mom, the younger guy realizes that he has an equivalent twin, who was lifted in a monastery. The twin is determined to escape from the monastery and his guardian who basically is evil. 

The film’s scenes are gorgeously shot, which includes an extraordinary scene in the forest involving the twin brothers, the strongest implication of the Narcissus fantasy that anchors the story. Of program, the film’s story resolves extravagantly and eccentrically in traditional LaBruce style. 

Félix-Antoine Duval performs the twins and his functionality is hanging for how he provides out the subtle distinctions in personality as very well as physicalities in every single brother. All round, it is just one of the most sensual, unique, erotic movies of the B-movie style. 

By Harmony