There are several movies in the genre comedy that are unparalleled till date. And here we need to mention the actor Charlie Chaplin who has made many a sad people happy by his hilarious but simple actions in his movies that were silent yet had intense amusement for the masses. The all time unforgettable duo who has made us laugh with their wit is the famous Laurel and Hardy. The old generation never missed a movie of theirs and most of them have even been televised for the present generation to see and enjoy. These classic comedies will be enjoyed even in the days to come as much they were enjoyed by the people in the twentieth century.

Walt Disney made cartoon movies to entertain people mainly keeping the kids in mind. His cartoons are worth watching and the most watched cartoon is the Tom and Jerry. The cat and mouse pair has played several pranks which always have you splitting at your ends with laughter.

“The Life of Brain”, “Ground Day”, “The Office Space”, and so on are just a few that come to the forefront of your mind when you think of the comedies of the yester years. The recent years too have seen some excellent comedies. Year 2010 has seen a list of comedies along with movies of all genres. “Life As We Know it”, “Kick Ass”, “The Other Guys” are just a few from a list of the hilarious ones made last year.

The first decade of the twenty first century saw the release of many comedies and the series that needs mention is the “Toy Story”. This hilarious motion picture is made in three series. The first one saw the light of the day in 2005, the second one a couple of years later and the third one in 2010. The last in the line “Toy Story 3” crossed many records and is ranked as one of the best among the movies all times not to say of the genre comedy.

The list can go on and we can hope to make the list still longer with many more side-splitting ones from the film makers of the future.

By Harmony

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