Profoto not too long ago declared a revamped variation of its Digicam Application and with sufficient new options and a new file format, it undoubtedly appears promising for smartphone images.

I not too long ago shot a swimwear editorial with it, both in-studio and on-location. Does the application dwell up to the descriptors? In small: indeed.

Telephones are amid the speediest-evolving systems to ever exist. Naturally, several add-ons are inclined to evolve with the machine also. One of the principal improvements that telephones look to have from generation to technology is the new camera, and a lot of people have currently questioned if iPhones have a foreseeable future in replacing cameras. Although opinions differ, one issue is for absolutely sure: phones are substantially a lot more common than common cameras.

Most people today these times probably get started dabbling in images by using a smartphone. Lights, currently being a core factor of photography, is normally a concentration for several photographers, so Profoto introduced a new technological know-how, AirX, that lets photographers sync flash to their phones straight.

The Profoto Camera app’s new update provides good TTL as effectively as Profoto Uncooked. I took it for a spin in a studio and on-site environments to see how it fairs as an image capturing product that guarantees to supply speedy results and an uncompromised light-shaping expertise.


Options provided in the Profoto Digital camera application involve:

  1. Two modes: Clever-TTL and manual manner. The good method will take regulate of every thing, all you need to have to established is how remarkable you want the light-weight to be as well as your preferred colour temperature. Handbook manner, on the other hand, allows you management your phone like it’s a digicam. This indicates entire handbook handle of not only publicity but also flash — it’s pretty substantially like your phone has a designed-in flash distant.
  2. Profoto Raw structure. Profoto describes this as a format that uses DNG data files. The Profoto Uncooked (DNG) documents are 5-8 moments much larger than the regular JPEG. On paper, this makes it possible for them to seize extra detail, hence providing much more post-output prospects. In essence, this is just a DNG file.

UI Expertise

Maybe one particular of the factors Profoto is well-known for is its Swedish simplicity. As renowned photographer Albert Watson put it: you plug it in and it performs. Profoto Digital camera holds to that custom. Picking Bluetooth on suitable lights and then connecting to the app is extremely basic. Pairing demands you to push the take a look at flash button, but just after the lights are paired, they will link instantly to the app. I never ever knowledgeable any connectivity concerns on the application possibly.

As for the relaxation of the GUI of the app, it is easy to comprehend as there are labels and names on all the things, producing the finding out curve very shallow.

Subject Effectiveness and Serious-Life Knowledge

To actually check out the application and how very well it operates with lights, I selected two different configurations: studio and on-location. The notion was to shoot a summer swimwear editorial that would encompass these seems very effectively.

The knowledge shooting with the Profoto Digital camera application can be explained as slower than I’m commonly applied to. Having labored with cameras for considerably of my job, I felt actually slow when performing with a cell phone. It took a second to alter, a minute to fire, a minute to do everything else. This may well do the job with some photographers’ shooting design, but it could also probably limit photographers from operating more rapidly and extra seamlessly.

Search 1

A 1970s-encouraged seem with a badminton racket. It was shot from a white history which was made blue by a huge 2×3 softbox with a blue gel inside. The important light-weight on the model was preferred to be tricky to mimic daylight, which was performed with an OCF beauty dish. A CTO gel was extra to warm the gentle up and give it sunlight-like high quality.

Utilizing the Intelligent-TTL mode has proven to be marginally really hard listed here, as it didn’t quite realize the setup I was likely for. The important light-weight was overpowering the background gel, so I chose to use manual manner in its place.

Syncing lights and location them up was completed, one by one, as normal. Shooting with a mobile phone felt exceptionally odd, but the application was uncomplicated to use and I had the lights set up in handbook method in no time. One disadvantage was not becoming able to assign teams, but rather to getting guess which mild was responsible for what.

Seem 2

The second glance was intended to demonstrate the swimmer about to soar. Here a a few-gentle setup was employed. A 2×3 softbox was replaced with a much greater 165 Cm umbrella to permit for more even background light. The critical light was decided on to be a 2×3 softbox with the same CTO gel. I required much extra even illumination, and working with a really hard reflector would make that far more complicated. Finally, a modest A10 was applied to light the apple box the design is standing on and create the gradient. Regretably, the application did not fairly acknowledge this set up, and I at the time again resorted to guide manner, as the app was hoping to light the total scene with no balance among lights.

Glimpse 3

The objective was to develop a clean gradient on the model even though retaining the qualifications the very same color as in the previous illustrations or photos. For that, a bare-bulb light-weight with a 20deg grid was employed. The digicam application allows me regulate the lights seamlessly, with the encounter being not also distinctive from an precise camera. The application allows me management attributes these as modeling lamp, intensity, modeling lamp temperature (on B10 and B10+ lights)

Seem 4

Making use of the camera application on location was a distinctive story. With only a handful of factors to consider, the flexibility of the app was quite excellent. I had to get an A10 starter kit (obtainable in sure regions only), which arrived with a compact softbox, grid, as very well as an OCF adapter for the A10 flash. I threw the package on a light stand and shot absent in the automobile manner placing the mild to delicate. This enabled me to not fear about camera options and concentration on finding the shot.

At initial, there was very little being familiar with concerning the crew on when the picture was taken as there had been a sequence of pre-flashes. Even so, the application was not missing the mark and got all the photographs particularly as I imagined. This leads me to think that the app is geared to lesser mild setups, these as just 1 softbox or a key with a fill.

Standard Testing

Just one function I was intrigued to test was the probability of controlling how spectacular light is. This can be completed in Wise-TTL mode just by shifting the slider. This is an exciting attribute that carried out astonishingly properly. Typically, one particular would have to transfer their light-weight or improve the modifier, but the digital camera application normally takes several exposures combining them into 1 massive one particular.

A drawback for prospective users would be when it will come to taking pictures relocating objects in intelligent manner. To operate, the wise method desires to make a series of flashes and exposures, which demands the subject to be much more or much less however.

Talking of the Profoto Raw format, there are no selections to edit the pictures in the app. If pace is of the essence, there is hardly ever time to method raw data files. There are additional alternatives with the DNG documents that Profoto Digicam captures, but they are almost nothing incredible. When enhancing, I discovered that despite the fact that there is far more latitude, it is almost nothing like with other uncooked files, like CR2.

A Gateway Drug to Portrait Lights

Profoto is probably ahead of its time with the Digital camera App, as lots of photographers may possibly be puzzled by why just it exists in the very first put. Nevertheless, the app makes it possible for for much faster impression capture and social media publication — anything that traditional cameras just can’t do.

All those who will probably gravitate toward Profoto’s new digital camera app pool are photographers who are not new to using pics, but possibly new to lights. Lots of Iphone photographers could probably benefit from the capability to use a common unit with advanced lights.

When it comes to regardless of whether the Profoto Camera app should be utilized in significant-scale productions, I question it. I consider phones are just by no means going to arrive at the excellent that a correct camera offers.

That reported, I do not consider the Profoto Digicam app is competing with substantial-close cameras — that would be a silly combat to decide on. The digicam application is basically giving a substantially more compact solution to make it possible for for the seize of visuals on the fly. I see occasion shooters being interested in this, far too, as it would permit them to have significantly significantly less while allowing the digicam mix flash and ambient as very well as expose the complete graphic.


  1. Speedy success straight from your cell phone
  2. Light-weight command in very simple circumstances
  3. Much more manage above light-weight configurations when as opposed to the remote
  4. Capacity to shoot with any light-weight shaping resources


  1. No energy location on the back of the mild device display screen
  2. Light-weight names unclear on the application. No means to assign groups
  3. No capability to course of action DNG files in the application.
  4. Constrained skill to do the job with fast-going topics.

Ought to You Use It?

Indeed. A former argument versus Apple iphone images was that syncing lights is impossible, still now with great mild, I am far more than pleased to get my Iphone images to next level. A household portrait session or everything of that character is flawlessly suited for the Profoto Camera Application. I draw the line there personally, but someone else may perhaps like to ditch their digital camera completely for the Apple iphone given the operation right here.

Overall, the Profoto camera application is incredibly helpful, particularly when capturing visuals on the fly is a precedence.

By Harmony