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Practical Tips to Achieve Your Health Goals Faster

Practical Tips to Achieve Your Health Goals Faster

Setting Realistic Health Goals

I once made the top ten resolutions in January. By February, my health goals looked like the wreck of The Titanic. The gym membership I was so excited about lay untouched, gathering figurative dust. The salads I started the year with were exchanged for takeaway. The point I'm making here is that many of us fall into unrealistic New Year's resolutions and end up overwhelmed. We're overzealous and too ambitious.

It's like my son Ethan getting on a skateboard for the first time and immediately attempting a full 360 flip. Not happening, mate. That’s why it’s important to adjust the lens through which we see our health journey. This is a marathon, not a sprint, so we've got to pace ourselves, or we might end up face-planting like dear Ethan did. Learn from his mistake.

Breaking Down Your Health Goals into Manageable Portions

The first step to achieving any grand goal is breaking it down into manageable portions. You can't climb Mount Everest in a day. If I asked you to eat a whole watermelon in one sitting, you’d probably think I was mad. Now, if asked to eat it slice by slice, spread over the day, that seems doable, right? Well, that’s how your health goals work, too.

I remember when my daughter Lily decided to help out more in the household chores. Instead of starting with washing all the dishes, or laundry, she divided her responsibilities into parts. She would wash dishes for dinner, clean her room once a week, and help prepare meals occasionally. She ensured these were actions she could follow through with before eventually adding more.

Prioritizing Nutrition Over Shortcuts

We see it all the time on the telly, diets claiming you can 'drop three sizes in a week' or 'get ripped in thirty days'. As seductive as these claims are, the truth is often, they aren't especially healthy or sustainable in the long run.

Remember those infomercials with their flamboyant hosts hawking pills and powders guaranteed to give you that movie star figure? Well, I tried one of those once. Spoiler alert: it didn’t work. Instead, I ended up with terrible cramps and a foul mood. The moral of the story is there is no shortcut to good health. It's about focusing on proper nutrition and consistency, not quick-fix solutions.

Creating an Exercise Routine You Enjoy

In my early twenties, I joined the local rugby team because it was a "man thing" to do, not because I actually enjoyed it. I stuck to it for a while, yes, but the enthusiasm eventually faded. I simply didn't love it, and so it became a chore, a pesky bit I had to tick off my to-do list.

It takes some trial and error, but eventually, I found that I enjoy swimming. It’s fun and relaxing, plus it’s a pretty solid full-body workout. It's like a date I look forward to, not an appointment I dread. Keep exploring, pick up a dance class, join a football league, try yoga. Remember, the goal of an exercise isn't just to make you healthier; it should also be something you enjoy.

Establishing a Support System

When Lily started her little chore regime, Ethan decided to join in and help his sister. They would do the dishes together, clean their rooms at the same time, and occasionally even turn meal prep into a cook-off. Their shared efforts turned chore time into fun time. They kept each other accountable and made the process less tedious.

My advice is to find yourself a ‘workout mate’ or a ‘healthy-eating buddy’. The journey to good health doesn't have to be a lonely trail. Finding a partner can make the journey more enjoyable as well as ensure that when motivation fades, as it inevitably will at times, there's someone to help you back on track.

Maintaining a Positive Attitude

Here's the thing, you will have bad days. There will be days when you step on the scale after a week of hard work, and nothing will have changed. There will be days when you cheat on your diet. There will be days when you skip your workout. It's a part of the process. It can be frustrating, I understand.

However, it's crucial to maintain a positive attitude throughout. Don't let the small missteps dishearten you. Go easy on yourself. Good health is deeper than mere physical changes. It's also about emotional well-being. Laugh at your mistakes, reset, and carry on. As long as you are making progress in the right direction, you're doing it right.

Remember that as you strive towards better health, consistency is key. Don't strive for perfection, but rather progress. It's a slow and gradual process. One healthy meal won't make you lose weight, and one cheat meal won't make you gain weight. It's what you do consistently over time that matters. So don't be discouraged when progress seems slow, because every bit counts. After all, Rome wasn't built in a day.

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