Light lunch, assemble!

Now more than ever, the various characters from Marvel comics have been gracing all sorts of media from live-action cinema to ukiyo-e woodblock prints. And late last year they were interpreted in perhaps the most loved medium around the world: Lunch!

Marvel Cafe was a pop-up cafe that opened in Tokyo late last year, but now is set to arrive in the Umeda area of Osaka from mid-September to the middle of October. Produced by Oh My Cafe, this temporary eatery has been very creative with rice and sauce to capture the essence of some classic heroes relying mainly on the lore of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Here’s a rundown of the menu:

Marvel: Spirit-lifting Paprikash – 1,759 yen (US$16)

This was the Eastern European dish that Vision was cooking for the Scarlet Witch in Civil War. It’s chicken covered in a generous amount of sauce made with a paprika blend of peppers and a hint of tomato for added sweetness. A block of rice shaped like the Marvel logo is served on top.

It’s a dish that’s sure to please. After all, it lifted Wanda’s spirits and she had just accidentally killed a bunch of people.

Spider-Man: Queens’ #1 Chicken Sandwich – 1,649 yen ($15)

Based on the sandwich that Peter Parker always ordered from Delmar’s Deli-Grocery…before it was demolished. This chicken sandwich comes with pickles and is squished down just the way he likes it.

However, at that price it looks like he got caught talking about Delmar’s daughter again, and for one additional yen it comes with a Marvel paper bag.

Captain America: American Tomato Pasta – 1,979 yen ($18)

Apparently there wasn’t much food going on in the Captain America films, so instead we have a well-balanced meal to represent a well-balanced superhero. Spaghetti with plentiful meat and vegetables along with a salad, nacho chips, and what appears to be a wafer in the shape of Cap’s shield.

There’s also a secret floating in the soup, which you’ll have to order to uncover.

Thor: Thor’s Hammer Fallen in the Desert Curry – 2,089 yen ($19)

One of the more ambitious dishes on the menu, the scene in the original Thor film when the hammer Moljinar was found in the desert is recreated in food.

The hammer itself is made of rice and a breadstick while the desert sands have been crafted from a dry curry base, all served with a side of salad.

Black Widow: Jet Black Squid Ink Gratin – 1,869 yen ($17)

Making black food to fit the motif of the Black Widow is a challenge, but luckily as masters of squid ink, Japanese chefs can rise to the challenge for a delightfully sweet sauce with a delicate seafood taste, all elegantly served among other starkly black and red foods.

Iron Man: Sunset Donut and Bagel Sandwich – 1,979 yen ($18)

This dish is based on the scene from Iron Man 2 when a hungover Tony Stark is living the dream and munching on donuts while sitting inside the iconic Randy’s Donuts sign in Inglewood, California.

The donut with pink frosting complements a bagel sandwich and salad, everything a growing billionaire needs.

Four types of special beverages are available too. First, a caffè latte with some Marvel logo latte art will be sold for 989 yen ($9) or 1,650 yen ($15) if you’d like to buy the cup as well.

There’s also a reusable sports bottle of iced tea for 769 yen ($7) or 1,320 yen ($12) with one of six randomly chosen charms of a Marvel hero such as Dr. Strange, Ant Man, Captain Marvel, and Black Panther.

Finally, there are two types of sodas for 1,209 yen ($11) each. One is given the lemon-lime flavor of “ramune” and the other is cherry. They are based on Captain America and Iron Man respectively, so every time you and your dining partner clink cheers, it’s like a little Civil War.

▼ Captain America Ramune Soda

▼ Iron Man Cherry Soda

And it wouldn’t be a pop-up cafe without a whole slew of limited-edition merchandise for sale as well. Towels, buttons, cases, magnets, file folders, and tote bags will also be for sale on-site.

Reservations can be made at the website linked below, so be sure to grab a table if possible. How many chances does one have to eat a Marvel logo made of rice?

Cafe Information
「MARVEL」cafe produced by OH MY CAFE
UMEDA BOX cafe & space
Address: Osaka-fu, Osaka-shi, Kita-ku, Chayamachi 16-7, Umeda Loft 1F
大阪府大阪市北区茶屋町16-7 梅田ロフト 1F
16 September – 17 October, 2021
Reservation Webpage

Source, images: PR Times
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By Harmony